Spring Flavors: The First Harvest

Spring has finally reached the island and with it comes a wonderful spring bounty. From baby spinach to the first herbs ready to be foraged, spring is a plentiful time in the garden and in the kitchen. Around St. Patrick’s Day is when we begin to plant outdoors here on the Vineyard (unless you are using some season extension methods). I like to start by planting my yearly peas, whether they are English peas, snap peas, or snow peas I know that I will get good use of them in the kitchen. As I eagerly await my first asparagus head to burst through the soil, I begin to plan out some of my spring meals. Maybe some smashed English pea toast or roasted radishes in brown butter. I could also make a simple garden salad with the first harvested salad greens. Whatever you chose, spring is the perfect time to get into the kitchen and cook up some seasonal dishes. Reach out to us to book your in-home cooking class today!

- Brandee & Tyler

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